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Pandit & Vidhi Services

Pandit service moksh

As per Hindu traditions, antyesi sanskar (last rites) is the last sanskar of a human being. Even in other religions & communities, there are varied rituals & customs to perform after the death of a person.

Mokshprapti funeral services have a large pool of reliable & authentic pandits whom you can book for the last rites. We provide you with a knowledgeable priest/pandit who guides the family & performs the last rites as per the customs. You can call us to book pandits for antim sanskar vidhi & death rituals services at affordable prices.

Mokshprapti offers pandit for funeral services Asthi Visarjan, Chautha, and Tehravin. Based on the experience, knowledge, & know-how, we offer flexible & affordable online pandit booking for funeral services in Pune.

Vidhi We can help you

We can help you arrange a final prayer meeting or memorial service in memory of your lost loved one. From booking the hall to arranging flowers and sending invites, we do it all on your behalf.

Our Service Includes :

  • Funeral Vidhi
  • 2nd Day Vidhi
  • 9th/10th/11th/12th/13th/14th Day Vidhi
  • Udak Shanti, Tripad, Panchak Shanti
  • Varsh Sharaddh/Barsi/First Year Remeberance Vidhi

All Puja & Havan Samagri.

We have a diverse pool of pandits who are well versed in different languages – Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Oriya, & more. Book pandit for Antya Kriyas, as they are well-informed about the ritual along with all Puja & Havan Samagri. Cherish a blissful experience, right from the booking of the pandit/purohits till the completion of the puja.

Key highlights:

  • Professional & experienced Vedic pandits
  • Professional guidance & comprehensive support to the family
  • We do the entire ritual as per Vedic procedures & standards

Contact Us!

At Mokshprapti, we understand the importance of performing the last rites of a loved one with care and respect. That’s why we offer a range of Pandit and Vidhi Services to guide you through the funeral rituals and ensure that everything is done in accordance with your customs and traditions. Contact us today and let us help you bid a peaceful farewell to your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Role Of A Pandit In A Funeral?

A Pandit is a Hindu priest who guides the family through the funeral rituals and ensures that everything is done in accordance with the customs and traditions of the community.

What is Antyeshti?

Antyeshti is the last rites ceremony performed in Hinduism. It involves several rituals, including bathing the body, dressing it in new clothes, and placing it on a funeral pyre.

Can You Perform The Last Rites Without A Pandit?

While it is possible to perform the last rites without a Pandit, it is not recommended. The Pandit ensures that the rituals are performed correctly and that everything is done in accordance with the customs and traditions of the community.

What is Asthi Visarjan?

Asthi Visarjan is the ritual of immersing the ashes of the deceased in a holy river or other body of water. It is considered an important part of the last rites in Hinduism.

How can Mokshprapti help me with Pandit and Vidhi Services?

At Mokshprapti, we have a team of experienced pandits and vidhi experts who will guide you through the funeral rituals with compassion and sensitivity.

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