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Funeral Services In Bangalore​

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We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences for your loss and offer our funeral services in Bangalore. Our aim is to provide you with a variety of options to help you commemorate and celebrate the life of your loved one. We understand that losing someone dear to you can be a challenging and emotional experience, and we are committed to supporting you in any way we can.

Our services in Bangalore recognize that each family has unique requirements, and that is why we offer a comprehensive range of services. We will collaborate with you to design a personalised funeral or memorial service that reflects the character of your loved one and pays tribute to their life.

Funeral Material Services In Bangalore

Bangalore has a diverse range of funeral services available, catering to different cultural and religious traditions. Many funeral homes in Bangalore provide traditional Hindu funeral services, including cremation and ash immersion in the Ganges. However, there are also options for burial services and non-traditional cremation methods such as electric cremation.

At Mokshprapti, we understand the emotional and challenging task of organising a funeral. That’s why we provide a range of funeral material services in Bangalore to make the process as stress-free as possible. Our services include high-quality funeral materials such as caskets, urns, funeral flowers, and more. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to select the materials that best fit your budget and preferences, ensuring that your loved one’s final farewell is a reflection of their unique personality.

Freezer Box Services In Bangalore

In addition to our funeral material services, we also offer reliable and affordable freezer box services in Bangalore. We recognize the importance of preserving the body of your loved one, and our freezer boxes are designed to maintain the body in excellent condition until the time of the funeral. Our freezer boxes are available in different sizes and are well-maintained and hygienic. We also provide prompt and professional delivery and pick-up services to ensure your convenience and peace of mind.

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Pandit & Vidhi Services In Bangalore

At Mokshprapti, we understand the importance of honouring and celebrating the life of your loved one. That’s why we offer Pandit and Vidhi services in Bangalore to guide you through the process of performing the last rites. Our experienced Pandits are well-versed in Hindu rituals and customs, and will work with you to ensure that the services are personalised to your needs and budget. We offer a range of services, including Puja, Havan, Shradh, and Tarpan.

Our Pandits in Bangalore are dedicated to providing a meaningful and personalised experience for you and your family. We understand that this can be a difficult and emotional time, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Asthi Visarjan Services in Bangalore

At Mokshprapti, we offer Asthi Visarjan services in Bangalore to help you pay your last respects to your loved one. We understand the significance of this ritual, and our experienced team is here to assist you in carrying out the process with utmost care, dignity and respect.

Our Asthi Visarjan services in Bangalore are personalised to meet your specific needs and beliefs. We provide a range of services, including immersion in holy rivers, sea, and other sacred places. We have access to several holy places near Bangalore, including the Cauvery River, Gokarna Beach, and Rameshwaram. Our team will work with you to select a location that best meets your needs.

At Mokshprapti, we are committed to providing professional and personalised funeral services to the residents of Bangalore. We understand the importance of cultural and religious sensitivity and will work with you to ensure that the services are carried out according to your preferences.

Cremation Service in Bangalore

Mokshprapti offers end-to-end cremation services for those who have lost their loved ones. We understand that every family’s needs are unique, and we strive to provide personalised services to meet those needs. We are dedicated to making the cremation process as seamless and stress-free as possible for the bereaved families.


What People Say

All arrangements were managed very efficiently. We did not have to worry about anything during our difficult time.

Nandita W.

Good Services And All material of funerals of all religion are available here.

Rajesh K.

This is first experience in my life.Mokshprapti handle thing very carefully.All member in this grp are active n fast.Mangement done by this grp is excellent.Thanks for supporting me in this sitution.Good going…Keep it up👍

Vrushali G.

FAQ's About Funeral Services in Bangalore

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What services does Mokshaprapti offer?

Mokshaprapti offers a variety of funeral services, including arranging cremation, providing transportation for Dead bodies, Flower decoration, All types of Funeral Materials, Pandit for all vidhis, Freezer Box services in Banglore.

How long does it take for Mokshaprapti to arrange a funeral?

The timeline for arranging a funeral can vary depending on the circumstances. However, Mokshaprapti strives to provide prompt and efficient services to ensure a timely funeral.

How much does a funeral services with Mokshaprapti cost?

The cost of a funeral services with Mokshaprapti can vary depending on the specific services required. However, Mokshaprapti strives to provide affordable funeral services to those in need. Contact us on +91 8873737979  for more details.

What types of funeral transportation does Mokshaprapti provide?

Mokshaprapti provides transportation of the deceased in a range of vehicles, including hearses, vans, and other suitable modes of transportation.

How can I contact Mokshaprapti for funeral services?

You can contact Mokshaprapti by phone or email to inquire about funeral services or to arrange for services to be provided. Visit our Contact us page for more details.

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